Landlords and Property Managers will often ask you to complete a pre-tenancy application form that will require you to provide tenancy relevant details such as:

  • Identification and contact details.
  • Current address and rental history.
  • References they can contact to find out more about you.
  • Permission to perform credit and background checks.
  • Rental Preferences and Disclosures (such as whether or not you are a smoker and/or have pets).

If the Landlord is using a specialised application tool, you may have the option to provide additional information such as:

  • Employment and Income details
  • Character References

These should not be compulsory, but if you are able to provide the information it can help your application by demonstrating to Landlords and Property Managers that you will take care of the property and be able to pay for the rent consistently and on time.

It is NOT OK for Landlords to ask you for details such as your race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation or any other forms of discrimination. You can learn more about this on the NZ Government Tenancy Services Website.

Tip: While the Landlord may not collect the information themselves, you may choose to share relevant social media like LinkedIn to show employment status, or your AirBnB profile to show reviews on your care for property.


Disclaimer: As usual - this is not legal advice as we are no lawyers. If  you have any concerns or questions from the blog, please seek advice from a legal professional)