Moving house can stressful at the best of times: boxing up your belongings, getting rid of clutter, organising furniture movers - not to mention actually finding a new home! Tenants apply for an average of ten properties in a highly competitive market, often going through a very manual and repetitive process which involves supplying employment and rental history, credit and criminal checks, dispute records and character references.

After all this effort there is still no guarantee that you will have secured your next home, so it comes as no surprise that the added and unwanted factor of moving on short notice can be a source of significant stress.

How can you make the transition easier?

  1. Keep a positive mindset.

Shifting homes can be seen as a fresh start. Make sure to focus on what you’re gaining, perhaps a cafe around the block, new neighbours, a shorter commute or a bigger backyard. Think of all the other opportunities that a move might bring!

2. Live life as you normally would.

Stick to the routines that you had before the notice came. Make plans with your friends and family, social interaction is key to maintaining good mental health and staying in touch with your support network will help to ease the transition.

3. Make a list.

List the things that need to be done before your move to simplify what seems like a daunting prospect. The only way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time so break everything down into actionable tasks! These could include: packing certain rooms, arranging for friends to come by and help, or getting your references ready for the upcoming applications.

The good news

Tenancy Law changes which will be effective 11 February 2021, aim to provide more security for New Zealand Tenants. This includes limiting the circumstances under which Landlords can give notice to tenants. Read more at

Take the stress out of securing your ideal rental home with Pickmee

We recognise the stress involved with applying to multiple rental homes before your tenancy notice period expires. Pickmee makes the application process simple, with guided steps to create a shareable and verified online "Tenant CV" that can be used to apply to multiple homes easily. We take care of the paperwork and make it easy for you to find and apply for your next home so you can focus on preparing for your move.

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